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Terms of Use

“Create Your Own…” makes sculpted prims and meshes with matching textures. We are active in virtual worlds, of which Second Life is the most important one.
Our textures are editable. The textures are delivered as psd-files. You can edit them in a graphical program like Photoshop or Gimp. You can change the colours, add patterns, affix a logo, overlay some text - the possibilities are endless. In the end, the product offered to your customers is one with your stamp on it, something which they will never be able to find anywhere else. It is truly your own.

Full Permissions
The products we make have full permissions for builders and creators in Second Life®. You can use the cYo products for your own creations and you are allowed to sell them with limited permissions.

cYo creators are legal IP right holders of both sculpts and textures. We provide our products with a license for you to use them within the world of Second Life®. This license prevents you from infringing IP rights by accident. When you use cYo products in your creations, you can be sure you can sell your products on a legal base as long as you respect the terms of use.

Licenses for other virtual worlds like InWorldz or AviNation are provided on request.

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